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Introducing Stream

Cormac Reilly

Stream is our cloud-based outsourcing solution which allows you to spend more time on your core business activities and less time on back office accounting.
The complete online finance and accounting solution allows you to view and drill down into your financial data through one easy-to-use central hub.
Key features
• A seamless, cloud-based end-to-end bookkeeping process.
• Send invoices and expenses electronically to a dedicated email address.
• Approve your invoices and expenses easily online.
• Data feeds from your bank account and other operational systems.
• Smart, real-time reporting and drilldown to help you make informed decisions.

Key benefits
• Gives you control – easy access to key data and reports anywhere in the world.
• Provides confidence that your accounts are in safe hands.
• Cost effective – all your financial data in one place.
• The efficiency of a one-stop-shop for all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.
Streamline your process
Abandon spreadsheets and automate tasks to streamline your processes making your business more effective.

Global access
Easy access to key real time data and reports wherever you or your team are in the world, on any device.

Business intelligence
A dashboard that turns your financial and operating data into a complete view, providing valuable business insights to enable better informed decision making.

Tailored industry solutions
Stream uses the leading products and applications in the market to tailor a solution to meet your specific business and industry needs now and in the future.

Multi-company, multicurrency and multilingual
Stream can provide group wide, multicurrency accounting and consolidation as well as supporting a selection of languages; perfect for international groups.

Professional advisory support
Professional accounting and advisory support from your Moore outsourcing team to maximise the benefits of your Stream system and become an extension of your own team.

A scalable solution for all types of business that can integrate with existing systems to improve functionality.

Time and cost saving
All of your back office bookkeeping and accounting needs and data are managed in one place, reducing reliance on IT and saving time and cost.

Multi app integration
Stream allows you to connect and integrate with other leading third party apps in the cloud to run your business more intelligently and efficiently.

Peace of mind
Rest easy with the knowledge that your finance and accounting information is accurate, up to date and available wherever and whenever you need it.

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