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Credit union - facilitation of strategic plans

Strategic planning is a key element of the governance infrastructure in all credit unions. In line with best practice, and consistent with the requirements of the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended), credit unions generally have embedded processes by which the Board of the credit union reviews the credit union’s strategic plan to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date including modifying or revising the strategic plan to incorporate any changes required as a result of the review.  We can facilitate this process.
Our general approach for facilitating strategic plans is as follows:
  • We prepare a pre-read document summarising financial and risk analysis of the credit union as well as the wider economic, operating, technological and risk environment of the credit union system.
  • We facilitate the strategy formulation session(s) with management to prepare and propose strategies for Board consideration.
  • We facilitate the strategy formulation session(s) with the Board to consider strategies prepared and proposed by management, again, using enterprise video communications.
  • We assist in incorporating the feedback from the Board, and the core strategy, into a revised and updated strategy document.
  • Overall project management.
The deliverable of the exercise, the strategic plan, is intended to be terse, refined and highly focused on the key economic challenges facing the credit union. On a broader level, it is intended that the plan would provide direction to the credit union in positioning it to meet the social and economic goals of its members and wider community.
We have provided this service to a number of credit unions.

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