Financial Modelling & Scenario Analysis

Financial projections are a key requirement for credit unions in the current economic, legal and regulatory environment. 
•    Financial projections are an integral part of the strategic planning process.
•    Financial projections are a key tool in determining longer term sustainability and viability. 
•    Financial projections are generally required to prepare a business case for the expansion of any new service. 
•    Financial projections are an integral part of any collaborative/ merger process.
We are mindful of the challenges in financial projections; projections are based on current plans and estimates, and are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties.  However, there are key principles that guide financial projections:
•    Assumptions must be reasonable and supportable
•    The financial model must be robust and the integrity of the data must be sanity checked.
•    The projections should have elements of quantitative factors and qualitative factors.
We have completed significant levels of financial modelling exercises for credit unions in a variety of contexts; ranging from recovery plans for stressed credit unions, to strategic planning models, to project driven projections for particular credit union strategies.