Leadership & Education Programmes

Leadership and education programmes for credit union board, committees and senior management
We have completed a number of projects designed to educate and coach boards, committees and senior management of leading Irish credit unions.  A key challenge for credit unions post CUCORA 2012 is to enable the strengthened governance framework to operate effectively. This can only be done by the framework being built on a strong understanding of the principles of governance, finance and risk. In this regard, Moore has designed a leadership and education programme for credit union directors, committees and senior management to facilitate this transition.  Some key topics that we have designed are; strategy, credit union viability, KPIs, balance sheet management and capital management, risk culture, AML, ethics, data protection, credit, governance and board responsibilities. This programme has been specially designed to complement existing training courses for board directors. It is designed to position the role of the board, through the context of the designated topics, with focus on a more transformational approach to control, direction and oversight. In this regard the output of our programme is intended to deliver personal, professional and organisational development. With enhanced credit union leadership as a common thread, we also incorporate a coaching approach as a tool for employee development and delivering organisational goals. Our process develops participants’ awareness with the intention of adapting and developing behaviours commensurate with the responsibilities and decision making necessary to deliver on the strategic objectives of the credit union. Our adaptive approach is designed to develop and embed a more proactive approach to governance and fuller understanding of emerging risks and opportunities in the credit union movement, within the architecture of CUCORA 2012. The programme is run over the course of a series of evening/ weekend sessions.