Strategy Implementation & Execution Programmes

Strategic risk is likely to be the dominant risk facing all credit unions – the risk to the basic business model. Falling lending demand and the low interest rate environment have placed pressures on the income levels of credit unions. Since the 2012 Act, credit unions have finalised and prepared strategic plans. But in order for a strategy to be effective, it must be a live process, rather than a one off event. We have developed a Maturity Model whereby the strategic planning process will be assessed and benchmarked as it matures using metrics with a focus on:
•    Strategic planning monitoring processes 
•    Strategic planning implementation processes
•    Strategic planning reassessment processes
The objective of our project driven approach is to enhance the efficiency of strategy in the context of the strategic issues that credit unions face. The output of our review is an improvement in processes and procedures that will result in a stronger capability to deliver strategies, and by corollary, mitigate strategic risk.  We have been involved in a number of strategic implementation programmes with credit unions throughout Ireland.