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Leisure and Hospitality


Coping with business cycles and uncertainty presents serious challenges to the Hospitality sector. Aligning with and working to maximise market conditions not only requires regular strategic planning and but appropriate banking supports.

Whether that plan is growth, acquisition, hold or restructure; hotels, pubs and restaurants need appropriate and aligned bank support to deliver on strategy.

Banks by their nature are risk assessors. They want to know if they lend the money if it will be repaid. In an uncertain environment this is not a straightforward task. Quantifying risk is complex and it is important to make the lenders job as easy as possible.

Creating informational and operational insights into the business as part of ongoing planning leads directly to procuring the right financial backing. These insights cover the interaction between the local market, operations, financial and business related KPIs and standard of offering.


What can Moore do?

At Moore, with our teams’ background in hospitality finance, we have an excellent history of delivering for our hospitality clients. Understanding the banks requirements for risk assessment helps create a clear and manageable process to preparing proposals.

Once we have created the insights pack we structure our proposal under these headings:
  1. Key market and segmentation
  2. Operator, team and operations
  3. Financial and Business KPIS
  4. Strategy and Business Plan
  5. Repayment, Security and value
The key is to create an overall picture of a sound plan (market making), management capability and high awareness of financial and operational performance indicators.
Whichever strategy you pursue this is the core standard. From this lenders can more easily discern the level of risk applying to funding proposals.

Recent Examples


1.      Pub Group South of Ireland – Moore did a full diagnostic on the group and arranged new finance via term loan, working capital and lease asset finance to put bank funding on a long term footing with appropriate short term supports,


2.      Hotel West of Ireland – Moore sourced new finance during the Covid crisis to refinance existing debt and enhance cash flow position via capital payment holiday for the first 12 months. Moore prepared the full proposal (insights, projections, tax planning) and managed the financial and drawdown process from start to finish.


3.      Pub group West of Ireland – Moore sourced new pub assets through the loan funds and secured finance through alternative funds, managing the process end to end.


4.      Hotel Group South of Ireland – Moore managed a refinance of short and long term funding to align with covid impact and ensure a secure position emerging from pandemic and restrictions.


5.      Moore advised a large restaurant in preparing proposal for bank funding at the outset of the pandemic which secured the business right through the restricted period.


6.      Moore is currently preparing an EIIS proposal to secure funding that will facilitate the vertical integration of a hospitality group.