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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

At Moore we are at the forefront of professional advisers in our understanding of this rapidly emerging sector. 

Our technology team can give you expert guidance whether you are:
  • An individual:
    • Realising a gain on Cryptocurrency investments.
    • Receiving income or gains from an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) investment.
    • Trading in Cryptocurrency and ICO tokens.
    • Establishing or running a Blockchain based enterprise.
  • A company:
    • Developing Blockchain based technologies to drive efficiencies in your existing business.
    • Creating a Blockchain service offering.
    • Accepting Cryptocurrency as a means of payment from customers
    • Using a private Cryptocurrency as an internal payment solution
    • Dealing in Cryptocurrency as a means of payment across your group or supply chain. 
We can advise clients on the appropriate accounting and tax treatments of operations in this area, as well as working with you to keep your practises up-to-date as new regulations and applications materialise. 

In addition to the Irish considerations we are mindful of the international aspects and how residence and domicile can play a key role when determining tax liabilities, or establishing VAT or Withholding requirements.

For further information on the current tax treatments applicable to Cryptocurrency in Ireland please view our Cryptocurrency publication which can be found to the right hand side.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any Blockchain or Cryptocurrency requirements you may have. Please feel free to contact a member of our technology team on to arrange this.