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Company Formations

At Moore, we provide a comprehensive company formation service which will guide you through this process and ensure that new directors fulfil their corporate duties with undue stress or delay.

We provide a reliable and comprehensive company registration service to ensure that companies and their Directors and Secretaries fulfil their statutory obligations in order to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act 2014. There are a wide variety of statutory compliance obligations imposed by the Companies Act. These obligations include preparation and filing of an Annual Return, maintenance of certain statutory Registers, maintenance of statutory minute books, holding of Annual General Meeting and notification to the Companies Registration Office of any changes in the structure of the company.

Our experienced team can help support a company and its Directors and Secretary to ensure that the company meets all its statutory requirements with regard to its filing obligations and record maintenance and all other company law issues. We provide a wide range of services to assist you with your corporation registration requirements including company formation, provision of Registered Office facilities, provision of company Secretary, dissolution and restoration of companies, provision of Professional Irish Directors for an Irish company or a foreign company with an Irish branch, registration of branches in Ireland for foreign companies and advice on any other matters that impact on a company arising from the Companies Act 2014.