At Moore we provide accountancy solutions to a growing number of voluntary secondary schools. Schools operate under an increasingly complex regulatory environment. 

Compliance with the Education Act 1988, the requirements laid down by the Financial Support Services Unit of the Joint Managerial Body as well as Department of Education and Skills Circulars requires the support of a professional accountancy firm which understands the accounting requirements of the educational sector. 

We have that understanding and we can support our client schools in completing the year end accounts process in a smooth and efficient manner, dealing with all issues relating to FSSU Guidelines.

We have a dedicated educational sector team which provides the following services:
- Preparation of annual accounts within strict timetable. 
- Presentation of annual accounts to school principals, boards of management, trustees, patrons using pie charts, line graphs and other visually attractive methods.
- Liaising with the Department of Education and Skills and other key stakeholders on behalf of schools where required.
- Delivery of payroll tax advice relating to teacher payments and other subsistence payments. 
- Delivery of advice of capital project forecasting.
- Assistance with bank reconciliations. 
- Assistance with the treatment of department of educations and skills grants received within the accounting system.
- Assistance with migration to new accounting software solutions. 
- Assistance with ensuring appropriate governance and controls surround the finance function of schools. 
- Dealing with area of charitable donations.