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Insolvency & Liquidations

Moore approaches insolvency and liquidations with an experienced team to ensure that these difficult circumstances are brought to a clear resolution with discretion, efficiency and expertise. We pride ourselves on offering a cost effective, low profile and complete solution.
Corporate Rescue
Our first inclination is always to look at ways of rescuing a viable business and avoid liquidations. We have a depth of commercial expertise within Moore that can support a full turnaround and rescue process from interim management to finance and restructuring. This may interface with our forensic team. 
We have acted successfully in many receiverships. Our appointments have typically been by banks seeking to recover sums due on foot of debentures.

We have completed many High Court liquidations on the petition of creditors, including unsecured trade creditors, the Revenue and even directors.
Forensic Accounting Reviews / Independent Business Reviews
It is crucial that credit management decisions are based on accurate financial information. In the current distressed economic climate, borrower records are often incomplete and borrower files may not contain the appropriate information required to make an optimal credit decision. Forensic accounting reviews / independent business reviews provide a solution to this challenge for an insolvent company. 

A forensic accounting review will provide a comprehensive report to the lender on the financial position of the borrower.