Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

Forensic accounting relates to a specialist investigative discipline in accountancy when expert accountants advise in cases that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. In today’s world, society has become more litigious and unfortunately, fraud is a growth industry. In this context, the role of the forensic accountant has become increasingly important.

Litigation Support/ Forensic Services

At Moore we offer specialist advice in the following areas:

Financial accounting irregularities & fraud investigation 
Our strong understanding of the fundamentals of accounting will enable us to unravel even the most byzantine of accounting irregularities.  

Family law matters in the area of separation/divorce 
Our experience in seeing behind the numbers to the true valuation will enable us to achieve the best possible outcome in a separation or divorce case. 

Arbitration and consultation services 
We have a team of experienced arbitrators who are outcome focused and skilled at reaching compromise.

Loss of profits cases 
Our financial modelling skills enable us to calculate precise loss of profit sums.

Staff & human resource issues 
Our forensic team in tandem with our HR support team have worked together in dealing with the most complex of staff issues.

Asset tracing 
Our international affiliation enables us to access channels to trace cross-border misappropriation of funds/assets.