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Leisure & Hospitality

Hotels, bars and restaurants play a significant part in the Irish economy. They contribute up to €7.5 Bn per annum to GDP and employ in excess of 250,000 workers. With supporting businesses included it is a €10 Bn industry. The recovery of hospitality businesses in the post pandemic period is critical for the wider Irish economy.  

The government has played a key role in maintaining resilience in the sector during the pandemic with various financial supports. However, with these schemes coming to an end rebuilding and restructuring is now required to nurse the industry back to full health. Without appropriate support the effects of the pandemic restrictions will be borne for quite some time. Hotels, bars and restaurants need a life cycle approach to reset and get going again. Problem solving with creative solutions are the core need of the current advisory requirements for hospitality businesses.

Moore played an instrumental role in helping businesses negotiate the path to recovery and growth following the 2008-2015 financial crisis.  Our range of services follow a distinctive logic along the life cycle of a hospitality business:

Why Moore?

Our hospitality team has a wealth of analysis, acquisition, sales, funding and restructuring experience in working with owners across the industry from hotels to pubs, restaurants and golf clubs. It also provides important other services such as tax advisory and technology to optimise outcomes.
Moore understands the challenges and opportunities facing the industry having been there for our clients when they exited the last crisis and also when they planned for growth and expansion.
Our capability is not just based on knowledge but experience across multiple transactions and directly in the banking and recovery based industry.

Our Team

Our hospitality team includes: The team operates collectively for each case in order to provide the most comprehensive advisory package.

Pearse has long term experience working in Commercial Banking and recovery operations and advisory in both funding and restructuring of hotel, bars and restaurant debt. 

John has worked extensively in the insolvency and transactions business involving the sale and acquisition of hotels.

William has a background in Corporate Finance and Tax Consultancy, he has continued this with specialist client advisory with Moore in the technology, hospitality, and property sectors.

Please feel free to contact any one of us, or email  and a member of our team will be in touch at a time convenient to you to find out a bit more about what Moore can support you with.