Statutory Audit

The primary objective of an audit is to provide an independent opinion on your annual financial statements. It is viewed by many as an unnecessary burden – but undertaking an audit can often lead to significant benefits for a business if approached in the right way.

Our Audit Approach
A Moore audit provides assurance on your business controls and, ultimately, satisfies regulatory requirements. However, it is more than just a basic compliance service. Providing audits and adding value are not usually viewed together. We do not subscribe to this theory. The very nature of the audit process means we gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of your business at numerous levels. As such, we are able to quickly identify risks as well as any areas for potential improvement. As all our audits are partner-led, everything we learn is fed back to the client for the benefit of their business. All our key audit team members are easily accessible to our clients. 

Helping your business develop
The audit is the perfect starting point for business advice. Before a business can even set future objectives, it needs to fully understand its current situation. The audit provides historical information, which in turn allows future trends to be predicted. Only by going through this process can a business effectively plan to achieve its objectives.

Risk and governance are playing an increasingly important role in many businesses, regardless of their size or sector. This means that owners need to take an even more active role in managing all types of risk, from strategic to regulatory, operational to financial. The good news is that an audit allows the perfect platform to do this, providing assurance that the correct systems are in place to handle any potential risks that may arise.