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Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance Team is best positioned to advise on key decision making in this area. Our team is focused on a creative and solution led approach to your finance requirements. We offer progressive Corporate Finance solutions to companies of all sizes and at different stages in their life cycle. If a client needs to raise capital for growth, restructuring, acquisition or start up purposes our department can assist. 

Our experience in this field covers:

Straight Equity financing 
We assist companies in private equity placement, by grooming the company for prospectus production, and then dealing with all aspects of the finance raising from teasers, prospectus runs, and executing the legals that finalise the placements. 

Syndicated Property Investments 
We prepare property backed investment products, primarily in Germany. We source the property, carry out due diligence on deals , source partners both in Ireland and abroad to deal with all management issues  and produce a prospectus that is disseminated to our contact base. 

Venture Capital 
We have access and contacts with leading Venture Capital funds and can carry out all relevant negotiations in this area as well as provide necessary introductions ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. 

Mezzanine Financing 
Mezzanine Finance, representing debt with the characteristics of equity, has become a standard financing raising mechanism that we have become involved in the recent years. We can provide all the appropriate advice in structuring Mezzanine Finance tranches, from issuing the prospectus to executing the legals.