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Credit Unions

Moore is a consultancy firm that helps Ireland’s leading credit unions address their most significant challenges to shape the future of the movement. We have acted for over 100 credit unions on a wide spectrum of consultancy projects and have an unparalleled depth of knowledge of the evolving market, economic, strategic and regulatory trends across all aspects of the Irish credit union movement. Our distinct approach is characterised by deep specialisation and rigorous fact-based analysis delivered in an articulate and constructive reporting format. The credit union movement is built on social co-operative principles; the primary purpose of credit unions being to serve their members’ social and economic goals. In the highly regulated and challenging economic environment of our times, credit unions also need to build resilient and dynamic business models and business processes. This is at the centre of the management consulting service we provide; high end consulting designed to develop and support strong business practices in the Irish credit union movement for the betterment of the members that it is designed to serve.