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Credit union - facilitation of business cases

There are a number of contexts when a credit union will need to prepare a business case for a specified purpose. Examples would include:
  • A detailed business case to support a proposed transfer of engagements under Sections 129 to 131 of the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended).
  • A detailed business case to an application to obtain the 15% Combined Concentration Limit for House and Business Loans pursuant to the Credit Union Act 1997 (Regulatory Requirements) Regulations 2016, as revised following the Consultation Paper 125 Process
  • A “Preliminary View Application” to support a proposed rule change to change a common bond.
 At Moore we have facilitated a significant number of business cases reviews over the past number of years. We can engage at speed and work to your deadlines. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet deadlines and issue a business case that focuses on simplifying complexity.

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