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Share Schemes

Share based remuneration for employees are a valuable tool to incentivise employees to think more about the business objectives of the company. They can also be a tax efficient form of payment if suitably structured. 

Share schemes and structures can play a crucial role in high growth technology companies. Implementing the right share scheme for your business can help to increase the business value ahead of new investment or an exit by motivating employees and/or securing the key management team; whilst protecting your entitlements to key reliefs such as Entrepreneurs Relief. 

Whether you are looking at implementing a share scheme for your employees in the future, or reviewing your existing arrangements, we can help you through the whole process and help you achieve your desired outcomes.
Share schemes and arrangements such as:
  • Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP)
  • Long or Short Share Option Schemes
  • Flowering Share Schemes
  • Restricted Share Arrangements
  • Approved Profit Sharing Schemes (APSS)
  • Save As You Earn  (SAYE)
are the “go to” employee share based incentives.  We can help you decide what scheme is best for you, assist in the design process and advise companies and employees on all aspects including share valuation, corporate tax implications and employment and capital gains tax treatments for the scheme you decide to implement. We can also deal with all Revenue clearances and reporting requirements on an ongoing basis.

If you already have a scheme in place, we can provide a “share scheme doctor” service which will review your existing arrangements to make sure they are fit for purpose and as necessary update your existing schemes.

Please find more details on available options for share schemes in your Share Incentives publication which can be found to the right hand side. If you are interested in implementing share incentives in your business please contact us at and we can discuss what might be the best tailored solution for your circumstances.