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Technology Focused Corporate Finance

As part of our technology offering, we work closely with our Corporate Finance team to help Irish Tech clients’ access growth capital and maximise their business. 

We can help you with finding debt or equity financing, and partners to grow your business. We are able to help tailor suitable growth plans to help you to get your venture investor ready; providing appropriate advice and support every step of the way.

In addition to funding access and support, the other corporate finance transactions which we can facilitate and support include:
  • acquisition of shares in a company that is involved in innovation and technology;
  • acquisitions of intellectual property rights (“IPR”) and associated trades;
  • disposals of companies, IPR and / or trading activities that are no longer required;
  • assisting the Management Buy Out (MBO) of an existing company ownership;
  • valuing companies and / or IPR;
  • undertaking due diligence to assist the acquisition of companies that are involved in innovation and technology.
If you are an ambitious tech company that needs help with your growth plans or corporate financing activities please feel free to contact us at to find out how we can assist you to meet your goals.