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Start Ups

The majority of entrepreneurs find they lack experience, and more importantly time, when it comes to the administration side of starting up their business.
Moore can work with you in many areas, including providing advices regarding accounts, tax, structuring and financing.  

Structuring is a key issue at the outset; to facilitate investment, incentivise employees and to ensure the founders can best avail of tax reliefs.

Financing is also a key area for any business starting up.  We can assist with grant applications, the sourcing of initial seed funding, and follow on growth funding when the time comes.

If your tech start-up will undertake research & development or have any expenditure on innovation, we can advise you on qualifying activities and processes to ensure a maximum value claim can be correctly prepared for R&D tax credit from the onset of your activities. We can also help you to source and prepare applications for applicable R&D grants

Finally, we have the experiences and skilled resources to guide you on how best to maintain your books and records, as part of an efficient accounts process, together with maintaining your tax compliance obligations. 

We have developed a special start-up offering to help you get begin your business on the right footing and to help support you realising your success. The Hatched by Moore programme is a two year programme for Irish start-up tech companies, which develops your knowledge, helps to look after your accounts and compliance obligations, and identifies what extra benefits you could avail of at each stage of your early growth. 

Starting with the correct approach is crucial for any high potential growth start up. This early attention reduces the risk of any nasty surprises arising in the course of a future due diligence assignment which might reduce the company’s chances of securing funding or a good exit valuation. 

We would be delighted to hear from you about your start-up business and plans. Please do not hesitate to contact our technology team at to arrange a convenient time to talk about your requirements and how we might be of assistance.